St Minver Neighbourhood Development Plan

St Minver Neighbourhood Development Plan

Establishing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for St Minver Lowlands and Highlands

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

  • A legal document to increase local influence over local matters
  • Provides the community the opportunity to say “this is what I want/don’t want in my back yard”
  • Legal right established under Localism Act 2012
  • NDP sets out policies to direct development and land use
  • NDP is optional but once made and adopted it becomes an important consideration for all planning applications
  • Adoption requires demonstrated support from local community and conformance with planning policies and guidance including the Cornwall Local Plan
  • Neighbourhood Planning is your opportunity to shape development in your area
  • The Neighbourhood Development Plan provides a great opportunity for you to have more influence on how the area where you live and work will change over time
  • Your local knowledge and views of what needs to be protected and what needs to change can really make a difference

Library of NDP Documents

March 2017 - St. Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) 2017-2030

St. Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) 2017-2030


Map 1 St Minver Highlands and St Minver Lowlands – The Designated Plan Area

Map 2 St Minver Highlands and St Minver Lowlands – Protected Areas

Map 3 - Development Boundary around Rock and Special Development Areas A D and F

Map 3A - Development Boundary around Rock and Special Development Area F

Map 3B - Development Boundary around Rock and Special Development Areas A and F

Map 3C - Development Boundary around Rock and Special Development Areas A and D

Map 4 - Development Boundary around Trebetherick, Polzeath, New Polzeath and Special Development Area C

Map 4A - Development Boundary around Trebetherick, Polzeath and Special Development Area C

Map 4B - Development Boundary around Polzeath, New Polzeath and Special Development Area C

Map 5 - Development Boundary around St Minver Village and Special Development Area B

Map 6 - Special Development Area E

March 2017 - Referendum date set for 4th May 2017

The additional Public Consultation, necessitated by modifying one of the Independent Examiners recommendations in a way acceptable to both the St Minver Parishes and Cornwall Council, was completed on the 16th February 2017. Unfortunately a last minute objection to the extent of the Special Development Areas (SDAs) was received with a threat of legal action. Although it is almost certain that any legal action would have been unsuccessful it would have caused further delay in getting the NDP to referendum.

Since the areas concerned formed a small part of the SDAs identified as “indicative direction for future growth” for consideration in any future NDP, omitting these areas has no impact on the NDP now going to referendum. Incorporation of this minor change to the NDP enabled the referendum process to be triggered and it will take place at the same time as the Cornwall Council elections on the 4th May 2017.

The final NDP, that you are strongly encouraged to vote on at referendum, can be viewed on the Parish Council website at Printed copies are being made available from shops and clubs across the Parishes.

The St Minver Parish Councils and the NDP Steering Group have been working continuously for 5 years to bring this NDP to referendum. Based on the outcome of a number of recent local planning applications that have increasingly taken into account the St Minver Parishes’ NDP policies, it is clear that if the NDP is adopted it will have significant impact in achieving the wishes of local people expressed throughout the long and comprehensive consultation process. Please recognise this significant effort by voting on 4th May. Whilst a majority of just one vote on a negligible electoral turnout would determine the result, a substantial turnout and large majority will add weight and credibility to the result whether it is “for” or “against” adoption of the NDP.


Notice of Referendum

Document: Notice of Referendum - St Minver Parishes

A Referendum will be held on Thursday 4 May 2017 to decide the question below:

“Do you want Cornwall Council to use the neighbourhood plan for St Minver Parishes to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Applications to register to vote or to vote by post or proxy should be made to the Electoral Registration Officer at Room 12, Cornwall Council, St Austell One Stop Shop, Penwinnick Road, St Austell PL25 5DR based on the deadlines set out in the document.

The main issue of postal votes will commence on Friday 21 April 2017.

December 2015 - Final Public Consultation


Cornwall Council have finally cleared the St Minver NDP to go for Final Public Consultation.

The consultation period starts on Friday 18th December and runs for 7 weeks (because it spans Christmas) and ends on 5th February 2016.

Cornwall Council have already posted the NDP, 4 supporting documents and a release letter from the Parish Council on the planning website under Planning Application PA15/00026/NDP and have said that they will be announcing the Consultation in the Cornwall Guardian this week.

Information about the consultation can be found on Cornwall Council’s website and there is included a weblink below. A copy of the St Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Plan documents have been sent to the Wadebridge Library and One Stop Shop.

St Minver Parishes Plan Proposal Consultation

Online Planning Register

October 2015 - SEA Reports and Latest Version of NDP

We now have the final SEA Report and the corresponding Non Technical Summary which are being sent along with the latest version of the NDP to Cornwall Council for them to start the final consultations leading up to the Referendum.




October 2015 - Strategic Environmental Assessment Report

LUC have drafted the SEA. The SG have reviewed this and have advised LUC of a few minor corrections that need to be made. When LUC provide the final version of the SEA, this will replace the draft version.

Draft SEA Report

September 2015 Progress Report - Strategic Environmental Assessment

Since the St Minver Parishes Pre-Submission Plan Public Consultation was completed in January, discussions have been ongoing with Cornwall Council and Natural England to determine whether a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is required to support the submission of the NDP for Final public Consultation and Independent Inspection. Whilst no satisfactory explanation has been obtained from Natural England as to why an SEA is required, it has become clear that without one the NDP will not progress.

Cornwall Council offered to contract with consultants to undertake the SEA but to maintain full independence the St Minver Parishes NDP team decided to identify a suitably qualified and experienced consultancy and establish a contract directly. LUC (Land Use Consultants Limited) has been selected, a contract established, and the inception meeting with the relevant consultants based in Bristol held on the 18th July. LUC understand the urgency for the SEA and are making good progress on a tight schedule that will have the SEA completed ready for the mandatory Public Consultation by mid October 2015.

The first stage of the SEA process is to prepare and submit for consultation an SEA Scoping Letter. The Scoping Letter (see www. was prepared by LUC, approved by the NDP Steering Group and sent to the three mandated consultees (Natural England, Historic England and Environmental Agency) plus Cornwall Council 5 days ahead of schedule. LUC are starting to prepare the SEA document in advance of the 5 week consultation period being complete as it is not expected that there will be any significant comments from the consultees at this stage of the assessment. The LUC consultants will be visiting the St Minver Parishes on the 14th September for discussions with the NDP Steering Group and to tour the Parishes to get first hand views and data to enable completion of the SEA.

Further discussions with Cornwall Council to press for reducing the overall timescale for completing the NDP project resulted in their agreement to run the SEA and the NDP Final Public Consultations in parallel. This will save some 2-3 months and could enable the NDP referendum to take place around February 2016. Subsequent to  these discussions Cornwall Council have advised that they will pay 50% of the estimated £10,000 cost of carrying out the SEA.

Progress on the SEA and any other issues related to the NDP will be posted on the St Minver Parish Councils’ website and included in future St Minver Link articles.


June 2015: Neighbourhood Development Plan - What is Happening?

Neighbourhood Development Plan
What is Happening?
Carol Mould, Chairman St. Minver Lowlands Parish Council and the St Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

The St Minver Parishes Pre-Submission Plan Public Consultation was completed in January. Responses were made to all comments received and where appropriate minor changes or additions were made to improve the strength or clarity of the NDP. The revised Plan was approved by the Parish Councils and submitted to Cornwall Council together with the required Consultation Statement (detailing all of the consultation that has been carried out through the three years of the NDP project) and the Basic Conditions Statement (which details how the Plan is in conformity with all requirements in particular the Neighbourhood Planning General Regulations, the National Planning Policy Framework and the Cornwall Local Plan).

As part of the consultation process Cornwall Council are required to make a screening  assessment as to whether a Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA – a process for  assessment of the impacts of implementing a plan or policy on natural habitats and wild fauna and flora) and/or a Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA -  a process to ensure that significant environmental effects arising from policies, plans and programmes are identified, assessed, mitigated and communicated) and then seek confirmation of this screening from a number of agencies. Cornwall Council assessed that neither an HRA nor an SEA were required. Unfortunately Natural England has now responded that they believe an SEA is required. Conducting an SEA will require assistance from experienced consultants at considerable expense and take some six months to complete. As no other similar parish in Cornwall conducting an NDP has been required to undertake an SEA, discussions are ongoing with Natural England to understand why they have determined that a St Minver Parishes  SEA is required and whether minor changes could be made to the NDP to remove the requirement. In parallel, consultants are being requested to provide cost and timescale proposals for conducting a St Minver Parishes SEA.

The SEA issue has already delayed the NDP project by some four months and if the SEA has to be conducted this delay will extend to some ten months pushing the timescale for the referendum and NDP adoption into 2016.

Progress of the discussions with Natural England and on the SEA, if still required, will be posted on the website and included in future Link articles.

Further information on Neighbourhood Planning can be found at:


STMNDP Special Development Areas Study

Objective: To identify appropriate areas within the St Minver Parishes where sustainable development could be considered for the Additional Residences required to meet local needs and the requirements of the Cornwall Local Plan. STMNDP Special Development Areas Study


November 2014: Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Pre-Submission Consultation Plan

St Minver Highlands and Lowlands Parish Councils have worked together to produce this Neighbourhood Development Pre-submission Consultation Plan. If adopted by a local referendum to be held in 2015, this will provide the vision for the future and the policies that will form a legal document to guide future development across the Parishes. ndp-pre-submission-consultation.html


September 2014: Neighbourhood Development Plan Progress Report - Examination of Draft


The NDP draft was essentially completed in June 2014. A copy was passed to key representatives in Cornwall Council planning who provided some very helpful comments. Most of these provided valuable assistance on clearly identifying the necessary differentiation between principles, policies and enabling projects. These have been addressed in a revised draft which is better focused and easier to understand. However, several of the comments related to whether the proposed policies for managing the rate of building the required additional residences, and the allocation of affordable housing would be appropriate.


April 2014: Neighbourhood Development Plan Vision statement

Following the analysis of the NDP Public Consultation Questionnaire and the subsequent open meeting on the 25th November 2013, the NDP team have been writing a Vision Statement for the St Minver Parishes and working on proposed solutions to the challenging topics of numbers of new houses, development areas, parking and footpaths/cycle routes. The latest version of the Vision Statement can be found at


February / March 2014: Development Areas Consultation

Following much consultation with local residents and representatives from Cornwall Council, the NDP team have identified a proposed way forward to address the challenging topic of Development Areas to meet the needs for additional residences and business areas in the St Minver Parishes. Full details of the proposals, a corresponding questionnaire to seek your views on the proposals and a  further Public Consultation meeting on the 17th March 2014 can be found at .

Development Areas Questionnaire February - March 2014

Boundaries Consultation Document

Boundaries Consultation Maps

The analysis of the responses to the questionnaire, which was presented and discussed at the Public Consultation meeting on the 17th March 2014, can be found at Development Areas Public Consultation Presentation 17-03-2014


August - November 2013: Public Consultation

Public Consultation Questionnaire - August - October 2013

For information on this Public Consultation Questionnaire and links to the online and paper versions for you to complete please go to ndp-consultation-cover-letter pdf icon

Questionnaire Results

A total of 782 responses have been received of which 240 (31%) were completed online on the St Minver Parishes website,

To view or print the results, please open the document: ndp-questionnaire-results.pdf

Local Landscape Character Assessment for the St. Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Development Plan

The area to be assessed was Polzeath and New Polzeath. This area was chosen as it encompassed both Highlands and Lowlands parishes and this first draft Village Statement will be presented as an example of how the assessment will look to the NDP consultation event to be held on the 25th November.  The purpose of the report is to provide a description of the villages in order to prepare guidance in the NDP on how to manage change and place making.  The preparation of this report is ongoing and information/observations from the public are needed to complete this work. Polzeath Village Characterisation Version 6 amendment 3.pdf

Public Questionnaire Results & Public Consultation Meeting - 25/11/2013

On the 25th November 2013 approaching 200 people crowded into the Rock Institute to participate in a Neighbourhood Development Plan consultation event. Residents, Parish Councillors, County Councillors and key Cornwall Council staff gathered to hear a presentation on the progress of the NDB project, the results of the recent Public Questionnaire and to participate in a lively discussion, question and answer session. This concentrated on the hot topics of development boundaries, new residence numbers, footpaths and cycle tracks and parking. Some very helpful comments, ideas and concerns were made known to the NDP project team and will be addressed as the project moves in to the NDP drafting phase. The complete presentation material used at the meeting is available at public-consultation-presentation25-11-13.pdf

Vision statement


May 2013: Neighbourhood Development Plan Residents Consultation Event





A consultation event was held at the Perceval Institute, St Minver on the 18th and 20th May. Over 200 local people attended to view the work done by the NDP Working Groups and to make their views known on issues about the environment, infrastructure, housing needs, planning, business and leisure. Visitors typically spent over an hour in helpful discussion with Working Group members. A total of 229 comments slips were collected during the event and many more comments have subsequently been posted on the NDP website. For anyone who was unable to attend you can find all of the presentation information on the website at  which also includes a facility for you to feed back your thoughts and comments on line.

The Working Groups are now reviewing the comments received and using these together with the data previously gathered to create a detailed questionnaire to go to every residence across the St Minver Parishes through August and September. This is the opportunity to get a very wide range of views on the important issues that the NDP needs to address and we hope you will all respond. From all of this information the NDP will then be drafted for further consultation and hopefully adoption in 2014.

Consultation Feedback Form - provide your views and comments at 


October 2012: Initial Public Consultation

Initial Public Consultation Questionnaire - October / November 2012

St Minver Neighbourhood Development Plan presentation 28-11-12 pdf icon


September 2012: Business Consultation Event

NDP Business Consulation Event 19th Sepember 2012


NDP Documents

Top of Page






Draft SEA Report

SEA Scoping Letter-11-08-2015

STMNDP Special Development Areas Study

Cover letter issue 2 Draft NDP Consultation

NDP Pre-submission Consultation Plan

Map showing the Development Boundary around Rock and Special Development Areas A and F

Map showing the Development Boundary around St Minver Village and Special Development Area B

Map showing the Development Boundary around Polzeath and Trebetherick and Special Development Area C

Map showing the Development Boundary around Pityme and Tredizzick and Special Development Area D

Map showing Special Development Area E


Boundaries Consultation Document pdf icon

Boundaries Consultation Maps pdf icon

Development Areas Public Consultation Presentation 17-03-2014 pdf icon

Public Consultation Questionnaire - August - October 2013 pdf icon

NDP Public Questionnaire Results & Public Consultation Meeting pdf icon

Polzeath Village Characterisation Version 6 amendment 3 pdf icon

public-consultation-presentation25-11-13 pdf icon

Initial Public Consultation Questionnaire - October / November 2012 pdf icon

St Minver Neighbourhood Development Plan presentation 28-11-12 pdf icon

Notes on Neighbourhood Development Plan Information Links - Presentation Meeting held on 28th November 2012 pdf icon

St Minver Neighbourhood Development Plan presentation 28-11-12 pdf icon

St Minver Parish – Neighbourhood Plan Project - Draft Terms of Reference pdf icon

Neighbourhood Development Plan Business Consultation Event Questionnaire

LDP Meeting Agenda No36 - 2014-05-21.pdf

LDP Meeting No35 - 2014-05-07.pdf

LDP Meeting No34 - 2014-04-23.pdf

LDP Meeting No33 - 2014-04-09.pdf

LDP Meeting No32 - 2014-03-26.pdf

LDP Meeting No31 - 2014-02-26.pdf

LDP Meeting Agenda No28 - 2014-01-08.pdf

LDP Meeting Agenda No27 - 2013-11-20.pdf / LDP Meeting No27 - 2013-11-20.pdf

LDP Meeting Agenda No25 - 2013-10-16.pdf / LDP Meeting No25 - 2013-10-16.pdf

LDP Meeting Agenda No24 - 2013-07-02 pdf icon LDP Meeting No24 - 2013-09-11 pdf icon

LDP Meeting Agenda No22 - 2013-05-22 pdf icon LDP Meeting Notes No22 - 2013-05-22 pdf icon

LDP Meeting Notes No21 - 2013-05-08 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No20 - 2013-04-24-Agenda pdf icon LDP Meeting Notes No20 - 2013-04-24 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No18 Agenda - 2013-03-20 pdf icon LDP Meeting No18 - 2013-03-20 Minutes pdf icon

LDP Meeting No17 - 2013-02-20 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No16 - 2013-02-06 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No15 - 2013-01-23 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No14 - 2013-01-09 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No13 - 2012-12-12 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No11 - 2012-10-31 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No10 - 2012-10-17 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No8 - 2012-09-12 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No6 - 2012-08-15 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No5 - 2012-08-01 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No4 - 2012-07-17 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No3 - 2012-06-19 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No2 - 2012-04-23 pdf icon

LDP Meeting No1 - 2012-03-12 pdf icon

Cornwall Neighbourhood Planning ‘Getting on Track’ Workshop

Truro Workshop Wednesday 20th February 2013

Working Groups

Working Groups presentation 09-01-13

NDP IWG-TofRdraft1 pdf icon

NDP VWG-TofRdraft1 pdf icon

NDP PWG-TofRdraft1 pdf icon

NDP LWG-TofRdraft1 pdf icon

NDP HNSWG-TofRdraft2 pdf icon

NDP ESWG-TofRdraft2 pdf icon

NDP CWG-TofRdraft2 pdf icon

NDP BWG-TofRdraft2 pdf icon