St Minver Lowlands Parish Council Meetings

A Full Council Meeting is held on the first Monday of each month, except August. Planning Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, except December.

The meetings are held in the Council Chamber, Rock Methodist Chapel at 7:30pm.

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Lowlands Parish Council Meetings Archive

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Meetings held in 2017

June 2017

Full Agenda 2017-06-05.pdf

May 2017

Full Agenda 2017-05-15 + AGM.pdf / Full Minutes 2017-05-15 + AGM.pdf

Plan Agenda 2017-05-02.pdf / Plan Minutes 2017-05-02.pdf

April 2017

Full Agenda 2017-04-03.pdf / Full Minutes 2017-04-03.pdf

Plan Agenda 2017-04-18.pdf

March 2017

Full Agenda 2017-03-06.pdf

February 2017

Full Agenda 2017-02-06.pdf / Full Minutes 2017-02-06.pdf

Plan Agenda 2017-02-20.pdf / Plan Minutes 2017-02-20.pdf

January 2017

Full Agenda 2017-01-03.pdf / Draft Minutes 2017-01-03.pdf

Plan Agenda 2017-01-16.pdf / Plan Minutes 2017-01-16.pdf

Meetings held in 2016

December 2016

Full Agenda 2016-12-05.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-12-05.pdf

November 2016

Full Agenda 2016-11-07.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-11-07.pdf

October 2016

Full Agenda 2016-10-03.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-10-03.pdf

September 2016

Full Agenda 2016-09-05.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-09-05.pdf

August 2016

Plan Agenda 2016-08-15.pdf / Plan Minutes 2016-08-15.pdf

July 2016

Full Agenda 2016-07-04.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-07-04.pdf

Plan Agenda 2016-07-18.pdf / Plan Minutes 2016-07-18.pdf

June 2016

Full Agenda 2016-06-06.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-06-06.pdf

Plan Agenda 2016-06-20.pdf / Plan Minutes 2016-06-20.pdf

May 2016

Full Agenda 2016-05-03.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-05-03.pdf

Plan Agenda 2016-05-16.pdf / Plan Minutes 2016-05-16.pdf

St Minver Lowlands Parish Meeting - Monday 16th May 2016 at 7pm

To be held in the Council Chamber, Rock Methodist Church

Open to all residents—this is your opportunity to voice your concerns and give us your comments.

Full Details- Parish Meeting 2016.pdf

April 2016

Full Agenda 2016-04-18.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-04-18.pdf

March 2016

Full Agenda 2016-03-07.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-03-07.pdf

WC Agenda 2016-03-07.pdf / WC Notes 2016-03-07.pdf

WC Minutes 2016-03-21.pdf

Plan Agenda 2016-03-21.pdf / Plan Minutes 2016-03-21.pdf

February 2016

Full Agenda 2016-02-01.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-02-01.pdf

Plan Agenda 2016-02-15.pdf / Plan Minutes 2016-02-15.pdf

January 2016

Full Agenda 2016-01-04.pdf / Full Minutes 2016-01-04.pdf

WC Notes 2016-01-27.pdf