St Minver Highlands Parish Council Meetings

A Full Council Meeting is held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Perceval Institute.

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Policy for Recording, Filming, Broadcasting or using Social Media at Council Meetings.

Please note that all minutes are in draft form untill agreed as correct at the following meeting of the Parish Council.

Highlands Parish Council Meetings Archive

Meetings 2016 / Meetings 2015 / Meetings 2014 / Meetings 2013 / Meetings 2012 / Meetings 2011 / Meetings 2010

Meetings held in 2017

June 2017

Agenda June 2017.pdf

May 2017

Agenda May 2017 ANNUAL.pdf / Minutes 17 May 2017 ANNUAL DRAFT.pdf

April 2017

Agenda April 2017.pdf / Minutes 6 April 2017.pdf

Agenda Extraordinary April 2017.pdf / Minutes extraordinary 28 April 2017.pdf

March 2017

Minutes 14 March 2017.pdf

February 2017

Agenda February 2017.pdf / Minutes 14 February 2017 DRAFT.pdf

January 2017

Agenda January 2017.pdf / Minutes 10 January 2017.pdf

Meetings held in 2016

Change to start time of Council meetings

At their meeting on 16 March 2016, St Minver Highlands Parish Council resolved to change the normal start time of their Council meetings from 19:30 to 19:00. All other details remain the same. The venue is the Perceval Institute, St Minver, and meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month.

December 2016

Agenda December 2016.pdf / Minutes 13 December 2016.pdf

November 2016

Agenda November 2016.pdf / Minutes 8 November 2016 DRAFT.pdf

October 2016

Change to date of October Council meeting
Due to a significant number of councillors being unavailable to attend the planned October Council meeting on 11th October, the Chairman has decided to change the date of the meeting. St Minver Highlands Parish Council will now meet on Tuesday 4th October at 19:00 at the Perceval Institute, St Minver.

Change to date of October Council meeting

Agenda October 2016.pdf / Minutes 4 October 2016.pdf

September 2016

Agenda September 2016.pdf / Minutes 13 September 2016.pdf

August 2016

Agenda August 2016.pdf / Minutes 9 August 2016.pdf

July 2016

Agenda July 2016.pdf / Minutes 12 July 2016.pdf

June 2016

Agenda June 2016.pdf / Minutes 14 June 2016.pdf

May 2016

Agenda Annual parish meeting 2016.pdf / Minutes Annual parish meeting 2016 DRAFT.pdf

Agenda May 2016 ANNUAL.pdf / DRAFT Minutes 10 May 2016.pdf

April 2016

Agenda April 2016.pdf / Minutes 12 Apr 2016.pdf

March 2016

Letter Change of time 18 March 2016.pdf

Agenda March 2016.pdf / Minutes 16 Mar 2016.pdf

February 2016

Agenda February 2016.pdf / Minutes 9 Feb 2016.pdf

January 2016

Minutes 19 Jan 2016 Extraordinary.pdf / Minutes 19 Jan 2016 Extraordinary.pdf

Agenda 12 January 2016.pdf / Minutes 12 Jan 2016.pdf